Getting The Right Wood For Your Project

There is something satisfying about building something yourself. Whether it is a small project around the house, or the entire house itself, getting your hands dirty and doing the work is not only a lot of fun but can be very rewarding. Anytime you are working on a wood project though, it is important to get the right material for the job, and there are a few places that you can go to get just what you need.

New Lumber For Your Project

If you are using all new materials in your project, visiting the local lumber yard or home center is a good place to start. You will need to have some idea of the amount of material you need before you head off to the store but with a little math, you can work out exactly what you need and with a little planning you can finish the project with very little scrap left over. And with the soaring cost of lumber these days, taking the time to figure out your needs will save you money on the overall project budget.

Not Lumber At All

If you have special requirements like a large span to cross that would require a large bean, you may want to consider using something different than traditional lumber. An engineered beam might be a better choice and it is likely to be cheaper and lighter than a steel beam, plus it will look much nicer. These beams are made from laminated wood and put together in a way that makes them stronger than traditional timbers while still retaining the look of the wood. They are most often custom ordered for your job and can take a while to get so figure out what you need and order it early.

Working With The Engineer

Anytime you are considering an engineered wood product for your project, it is best if you can work directly with the engineer to design the piece you need. In many cases, the engineer will want to visit the site and see where the beam or support is going and he may want to consult with the architect that did the plans for the project is there was one. Getting the strength of the engineered beam or support right is critical. If one calculation is off, the support could fail and cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Finding Engineered Wood Products

Finding these laminated beams, support members or even engineered wood siding is not very difficult. Often these products are available through a lumber yard or mill and they may even make the products on sight. Be sure to explore all your options before you order the material you need and ask any questions you have so that you are satisfied with your choice and confident in the strength and durability of your project. 

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