Opening Up A Company And Need A Barge? Information To Help You Learn More About Barges

A barge is a large boat with a flat bottom. It is used to transport heavy items on canals or rivers. If you are opening a new company and will be using one or more barges, it is important that you learn how to use it properly.  You may not be driving the barge, but you should still learn what you can about it. This will ensure that your business goes smoothly so you can focus on making money. Below is information about two types of barges, as well as different ways to unload barges. 

Learn About the Different Types

Learning information about the different types of barges available will ensure that you purchase the one that will work best for your company. Two types you can purchase include:

  • Barges that carry liquids: If you have to transport liquids for your company this is the type of barge you need. Companies use them to carry liquids like fertilizers, chemicals, and other industrial liquids.
  • Barges that carry dry goods: If your company works with dry goods this is the type of barge you need to purchase. The dry goods this type of barge carries includes coal, minerals, sand, and food grains.

Unloading the Barge

The way the barge is unloaded is important to keep your product in good condition. You will need to hire a company to do this for you to ensure it is done correctly. They only hire people that have the right experience and knowledge to work with barge unloaders.

There are different types of unloaders that can be used. One type is a Continuous Barge Unloader (CBU). With this, a series of buckets are placed on a roller chain. The chain then moves continuously to unload the buckets one at a time.  This unloader is used to unload dry goods.

Another type of unloader is called the Grab Bucket Barge Unloader. With this, a clamshell bucket is used. The buckets are suspended to hoisting cables and a separate set of cables move the buckets to unload them. This type is often used if you transport liquids. This is because the buckets are more stable and will not move as much during the transport.

Talk with a company that sells barges to learn much more about the different types that are available. The company that you hire to unload your barges can give you more information about the different types available. To learn more, contact a company like Sundbeck Inc.​