How To Find A Commercial Heating Air Leak

When your business's commercial heating is experiencing air leaks, these can be difficult to locate. In many cases, the leak is found in a place that is difficult to reach. A facility is much more complex than a home, so there are more places where a leak can arise. If the leak in your commercial heating system is not corrected, this could lead to your commercial heating system not being as efficient.

Signs Of An Air Leak

To know that you are having a problem with your heating system, you should check your heating bills to make sure that they are not higher than normal. Higher heating bills are the best warning sign that your building has a leak. A large leak can force a heating unit to burn more fuel or tap into the energy grid more in order to keep the building warm. Also, if there is a leak that is causing a water heating system to lose water, this will also increase water costs and the water leaks may also cause damage to your facility.

If your home is showing warning signs of losing a lot of water, make sure to check the water meter. This will allow you to determine if there are any water leaks. Turn off all plumbing. Then, check the water meter to make sure that it is not running. If it is still running, this means that you have a leak somewhere.

Locating The Air Leak

When the heating system uses hot water piping, the leaks can occur anywhere in the piping system. One area where it is likely to occur is in the air bleeders that are found at the end of baseboard sections. The leaks are most likely to occur as a result of water damage. A simple way to test for leaks around the home is to simply place your hand near a location where you suspect that there is a leak. If you can feel a gust of wind, this is a sign that you have an air leak in that location. Another option is to light a candle and place it near the location where you suspect that there is a leak. If the flame dances, this is a sign of an air leak.

Given the challenges of finding leaks in a commercial heating system, it is important to receive your heating from a company that provides regular maintenance and is able to find leaks in a commercial heating system with minimal hassle. Contact a company like Mercury Tec to learn more.