Boiler Expansion Tanks: What You Need To Know About Them If You Have A Boiler

If you have a boiler in your home, you may not be all that familiar with the various parts that make up this appliance. However, taking the time to learn about it can help you to better understand how it should be maintained and what some of the signs are that something is wrong with your system. One component that makes up a boiler system is the expansion tank. Here are some of the questions you may have about this part and what you should know about this part of your boiler.

What is a Boiler Expansion Tank?

A boiler works by taking cool water and heating that water. That heated water then travels through a pipe system in your home. This warm water heats your home, as does some of the steam or heat is released into vents. However, when water is heated, the water molecules expand. As the water molecules expand in a boiler, it creates pressure. If nothing was done to relieve this pressure, your boiler tank would burst. The boiler expansion tank provides the extra space needed for heat and excess water to go as it is heated to prevent your tank from bursting. This is an important part to a boiler, as your boiler can fail or burst if the expansion tank is not working correctly.

What Are the Signs a Boiler Expansion Tank Needs to Be Replaced?

A boiler tank cannot be repaired. If it is damaged or not working correctly, it needs to be replaced. There are two tell-tale signs that a boiler expansion tank needs to be replaced. The first is that the tank is leaking. If you notice water seeping out of the tank, it needs to be replaced. Secondly, if the tank is filled with water, it needs to be replaced. The expansion tank should empty out once water in the boiler is heated and travels into your home. If it does not, it isn't working correctly. Simply tap on the back of the tank when the unit is not in use. If it sounds hollow, it is fine. If it sounds full, it isn't working correctly.

Can a Homeowner Replace a Boiler Expansion Tank Themselves?

Replacing a boiler expansion tank is not a terribly complex job, nor does it take a lot of time. However, it is highly recommended that homeowners allow a professional boiler repair company to replace the tank, when needed. The tank can be filled with scalding hot water, which can burn someone if they are not careful and don't know what they are doing. Second, a boiler involves the use of both water and electricity, which can be a deadly combination if someone mixes the two. Due to the risk of injury, this job should be left to professionals and should not be a do it yourself task.

The boiler expansion tank plays an important role in the function of your boiler. Learning more about this part will help you learn what its role is, what the signs are it needs to be replaced and decide if you should replace it yourself.