Things To Know About A Problematic Submersible Centrifugal Pump

Are you suddenly unable to get water from your plumbing system that comes from a water well? If your well uses a centrifugal pump that is submersible, there are a few things that can lead to you not being able to access any water in your house. Here are a few of the possible problems a submersible centrifugal pump can have when water no longer flows through the plumbing system.

Water Leakage in a Mechanical Seal

The mechanical seals are some of the most important parts of a centrifugal pump. The seals are used for preventing water from leaking as it is being moved between the rotating part of the pumps shaft and the part that sits stationary. Over time, the seals can become worn out from normal wear and tear. Worn out mechanical seals can lead to an insufficient amount of water flowing through the well system, or none at all when they are severely damaged. You can get the seals replaced to fix the problem with water flow.

A Closed Discharge Line Valve

It is possible that air is stuck inside of the discharge line, which can prevent water from being about to flow through the system. There is a valve to the discharge line near the centrifugal pump that opens and closes. If air is stuck in the line, it is likely due to the valve being closed. All you have to do is hire a professional to reopen the valve so air can move freely through the discharge line.

The Motor Has Stopped Working

If the motor to your submersible centrifugal pump has stopped working, it is the reason no water is coming into your house. The motor is the main part that makes the pump operational. It is possible that a circuit breaker has tripped in your house and simply needs to be turned back on so the motor can receive electricity. However, sometimes circuit breakers trip due to the motor having faulty wires or overheating. Get the motor professionally inspected in case a repair or replacement is needed.

Damaged Beyond Repair

The lack of water from the well might be a sign that the centrifugal pump has become damaged beyond repair. The problem can stem from numerous parts of the pump being worn out. In such a case, investing in a new pump is likely in your best interest. Simply visit a centrifugal pump dealer like PFC Equipment, Inc to get the replacement you need and get it professionally installed.