Making Sure That A Crane Lifts A Load Safely

An important part of any crane lift is the rigging. While the crane does the hard work, the rigging makes sure that the lift is done safely. The rigging has to be done by someone who knows what they are doing to ensure that the crane is being operated safely. There are so many things to consider when lifting any load, no matter what it is or how heavy it is. 

Rigging Equipment

There are several kinds of rigging equipment. Each has its own use. For example, a chain sling can be used to lift heavy loads that are also very hot. The extreme heat of the load would burn through the canvas web of one kind of sling or melt of the nylon of a different kind of sling, but it would not melt a chain sling. 

Another piece of rigging equipment is the crane hook, which partners with the hooks and rings on the load. When the rigger is setting up the load, they will make sure that they pick the right hook for the crane. There are crane hooks rated for different weights, so it's important that they pick a hook that can handle at least the weight of the load. 

The Rigger

The rigger has to do more than just hook the load up. Before they start hooking the load up, they will have gone through classes and training. In some states, the rigger may have to be certified or licensed by the state before they can do anything. 

Part of the rigger's job involves math. They will need to know the exact weight of the load that needs to be lifted. They will use that information in order to pick the right straps, slings, and hooks. That involves knowing the max lift weight of the equipment and being able to figure out how many pieces of each piece of equipment they will need in order to get the load lifted safely. The rigger will also be the final word on the lift. If the rigger doesn't think that the load will be lifted safely, or if they see something wrong with any particular lift, the rigger will be able to stop the lift in order to rebalance it or break it up into separate loads. 

Cranes are an important part of many different industries. It's important that the right equipment and the right people are in place to make sure that the loads are lifted correctly and that people are safe while it's happening. 

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