3 Ways To Change Your Metal Into A Masterpiece

Industrial metals, like steel, aluminum, and cast iron, can all be used to create new items after their original purposes are no longer able to be performed due to overuse or damage. Here are a few ideas of items you can make, so you can recycle the metal into decorations around your home. 

Create a New Dining Table

A custom dining table can be hard to come by on a budget, so making your own is a good way to save cash while creating an interesting focal point in your home. 

To start, look at the metal you have. If you have long strips of aluminum, this will work best. Here's how you can proceed. 

  • Start by bending your aluminum strips into a U-shaped form. One side of the "U" will be supporting your table top, and the other side will function as the support for the table. 
  • Now, use a welding gun or epoxy, depending on your preference, to attach at least four U-shaped pieces back-to-back in a cross-shaped pattern. 
  • You've finished your table's base now, so all you have to do is place a large round or square glass piece on top, and you're done. 

Create Crafty Metal Wind Chimes

Making metal wind chimes is a simple way to use up smaller metal pieces in an attractive way. You can experiment with painting the metal or using a torch to cause the metal to corrode and change colors. 

To make a wind chime, you'll need:

  • A round piece of wood
  • Fishing line
  • A drill
  • Metal cutters or metal shapes that you want to hang

To make your wind chime:

  1. Start by looping the fishing wire through your wooden round. This is the top of the wind chime where everything will be connected. 
  2. Create a hanging loop through the center of the wooden round by drilling a hole in the middle. 
  3. Drill several other holes evenly spaced around the wooden round. 
  4. Tie fishing wire around each of these holes. 
  5. On the bottom of each fishing line you've created, add a piece of metal. The pieces should slightly overlap, so they make noise when they touch. 

Create Planters

A final thing you can make with old metal tins and containers is planters for flowers and other plants. 

You can add non-toxic metal paint in various designs to these containers, fill them with dirt, and then put them out for display. It's a simple, quick way to give your metal containers a new life while adding floral elements to your home. 

These are a few ideas for reusing your metals at home; give these tips a try, and you'll be able to update all aspects of your decor with a metallic touch.

If you have more metal than you can use, or if some pieces are unusable, contact a company like Pure Metal Recycling.