Great Service For Storage Units In Loveland CO

My family is currently staying in an apartment. We had planned to be here for about three months while we waited for our customized home to be finished. Unfortunately, our arrangements were altered when construction took longer than planned. My family was sad that we would have to wait longer before settling and decorating our home. The good news through all of this was the service that we got from our storage units in Loveland CO. Extending our stay was no hassle at all. The storage office was very understanding with our situation, and accommodated us. Having a secure, protected place for our belongings made the situation less stressful. We knew that our things would be safe in the unit. We had the only keys to our unit, and could stop by anytime to check on things. The facility was guarded by a gate, and also had twenty-four hour surveillance. With fall passing into winter, we were also glad that we had opted for the climate controlled storage units. No matter when our house would be ready, we could rest assured that everything would be preserved. The storage units in Loveland CO came through for us. They were able to provide excellent security and great customer service. We will definitely be using them in the future, as well recommending them our friends and family. Share