I Had My Company's Van Decorated With Decals From Portland OR

I recently decided that I was going to have our company's van covered in decals. In order to do this, I worked with this company that makes custom decals in Portland OR. The first thing this company did was to help us turn our company's logo into a image that can easily be seen on a van. They were able to change the color contrast, and change the black background to a white one. This meant that the decal would be easier to spot on the road, and would also match the bodywork of the van. This Portland OR decals company then helped us to figure out where we wanted the decals to be. They were able to manufacture decals that could be easily seen from the rear, sides, and front of our van. This meant that the advertising would be much more visible, and our van would look much more professional. The decals produced, by this Portland OR decals company, were able to be applied to our van with little prep work, and did not require special tools. In addition, these decals are resistant to abrasion, water, sunlight, and are able to be removed without damaging the bodywork on our van. Share